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Definition of Construction Industry
Construction is often a general term meaning the art and science in order to create objects, systems, or organizations. Construction is definitely an industry that also includes the erection, maintenance, and repair of buildings as well as other immobile structures, as well as the building of roads and service facilities that become integral regions of structures and they are essential to their use. In its most favored context, construction covers the processes linked to delivering buildings, infrastructure and producers, and associated activities by way of the end of these life. Construction includes structural additions and alterations but excludes the structure of mobile structures for example trailers and ships. It typically commences with planning, financing, design, execution, builds, and in addition covers repairs and maintenance and improvement work.

The United States Department of Labor defines the building industry as firms that are engaged in from the of buildings or engineering projects, for instance bridges and roads. Construction work also happens when renovating existing buildings.

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