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Dariel Rewick: I paid all the jet
Beijing July 25th, nfl jerseys in 11 seasons, Narrelle Revis has turned four teams, but rather than pirates (2013), Patriot (2014) and Chief (2017) For the deepest life, he is the New York jet (2007-2012, 2015-2016).

Therefore, it is more important to sign a contract with the jet machine, which is more significant as a jet player.

Jet Cristopher Johnson This is a very unique day. We will be one of the best players of the team in this day. One of the best players of the team is also a blessing. "

Rewicks used to make the devil who gave the opponent's quarterly. He was selected for a while in the 2009-2011 season, and a professional bowl was selected in the 2008-2011 season. He has a total of four ALL-PROs in his career. In each game, Rewick is facing the most powerful faculty, including but not limited to Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (Steve Smith), Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Reggie Wayne, but he rarely made the opponent's attacked.

Looking back all the career, Rewis did not regret, he said: "I feel that I have already built trees. Every game gives me a lot of pressure, my goal is not only the best corner, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys but Become the best players on the field, this motivation has prompted me to advance. I enjoy my career, I have paid all for this green white jersey. "